We built bp's a loyalty program with custom program design, personalised communications and data flows across a full suite of integrated channels (app, email and website).


We started with a registration website to capture consent and important consumer data. The loyalty experience itself is powered by multiple streams of hyper personalised CRM campaigns and behavioural triggers.

To ensure BP Rewards remains successful, we continuously analyse performance data and use this to stimulate proactive customer strategy


Each and every distinct variation and combination of customer outcomes is carefully crafted and tested, including simulation of activity through dummy data.



The  customer management program was flawless in its design and implementation. It exceeded the high standards of customers, accustomed to large, long-standing loyalty programs .

BP Rewards achieved more than 1 million consumers in its first 10-months of operation.



bp had the opportunity to deepen relationships with their customers. As a brand, they didn’t know customers as individuals - how often each customer was filling up or if and when they were shopping at competitor sites.


How could we learn more about our customers' behaviours while retaining and growing the database?


The product behind the solution

Track Map

+Track Maps are how we curate, document and organise customer experience journeys across all of your digital touch-points.