Track Bot Labs

A conversation design service to help you rapidly prototype and build a new chatbot with built-in AI logic.


How it works


Connected conversations

Enhance the interaction your customer experiences between your customer data, chatbot, email platforms and website.


Improved conversion

Results show higher conversion rates and improved performance at the awareness stage when paired with existing marketing programs. It also reduces reliance on contact staff.



The service is run in a laboratory environment to drive immediate prototyping, and comes ready to apply against your existing marketing programs.

Designed to work


Real-time personalisation

Whatever information the customer provides within the context of the conversation, the bot can leverage instantly. Keep track of returning customers/users, their preferences, past purchases, questions and even complaints.


More convenience, less friction

Results show that 70% of users would be happy to use chatbots if they could resolve issues without having to call or email.


Chatbots not only enable customers to get answers to basic queries instantly, they are also excellent in classifying the queries they are unable to resolve and sending them to appropriate agents/departments for resolution. 


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