AAMI Customer Journey Mapping

The business challenge

AAMI’s customer journey had been developed with a company-centric focus. Communications were based on AAMI’s business priorities and sent on 'gut instinct' rather than customer insights and historical data. On top of this, the lifecycle of a customer was derived from transactional communications. Understandably, this didn’t lend itself to a continuous relationship and ongoing engagement.


Consumers these days demand more of a relationship with brands. So brands need to recognise that every customer is different.


We re-invented the journey by starting a conversation based on customer insight rather than a product sell based on business need. Leveraging key customer moments of truth and embracing 'big data', we ensured customers would receive relevant content to open the door to an ongoing relationship.

At the executional level, we reinforced the feeling of a personal conversation by using hundreds of dynamic content variables to create truly one-to-one communications. This successfully manages each stage of the customer’s lifecycle from on-boarding, lead generation, retention and advocacy through to the loyalty programme.


Outstanding (and confidential).

TRACK were instrumental in bringing our vision to life. We had a number of data intensive programmes running in tandem that needed to be connected to create a seamless customer journey”

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