AAMI Skilled Drivers Program

The business challenge

The AAMI Skilled Driver programme targets young drivers aged 18 to 25, and offers them a free Skilled Drivers Course plus 10% off their comprehensive car insurance until they're 25.

In an increasingly fragmented media landscape what’s the best way to target and capture young drivers? And how could we persuade young drivers, especially males, to do this course when they had passed their driving test and were already confident they had all the skills they needed?


Once you've passed your driving test, additional training seems superfluous if you’re a young driver.

But there is a group that cares a lot – parents.


Through a combination of social listening, analysis and research we developed a two-pronged approach:

  1. Tap into young drivers' desire for freedom, and the joy of getting on the road for the first time, by dangling the carrot of a prize draw to win a car plus a discount on their insurance
  2. Persuade parents and family influencers their kids would be safer on the road once they’d completed the course. They would also benefit from a discounted policy, which is especially helpful when many parents pay the insurance anyway

We developed a mix of eDM and DM to target the parents, and a social/digital-led programme for the young drivers themselves.


Traffic to the Skilled Drivers' website more than doubled from 12,000 in the month prior to 27,000 following the launch.

Leads to Facebook over a two-month period


Facebook likes over a two-month period


What’s next?

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